We provide an amazing experience at Guitars Etc and we know our customers love us because of our reputation, experience, education, systems and our guarantee.

2016  National Association of Music Merchants Top 100 Stores for our store in Athens, TX!

Will Burgin is an acomplished teacher, singer and songwriter. You can find him onstage at Central Baptist on Sunday mornings.  In 2013 Will went on a Ukelee tour in China.  Will has been playing for over 25 years and his instruments include; Ukelee, All guitars, Banjo, Mandolin and Pedal Steel.
Alicia Burgin was a Sound Designer for eight years at the A. D. Players in Houston, Tx.  She is a homeschool mom and Nutritional Coach who helps you up find the right teacher for all our students. Alicia does not play an instrument as yet she is our Business Guru!
Bill Burgin bought the first Guitars Etc in Canton, Texas.  A musician and teacher, Bill has the patience will all kids.  Former football coach and Science teacher for Robert E. Lee and North Mesquite, Bill has a way of reaching every student.  

Our Unique Reputation:
We have a very unique reputation and are referred by Tyler I.S.D., Athens I.S.D., T.V.C.C. and even competing music stores.  We have been featured in KCKL and the Athens Daily Review.  We are proud members of N.A.M.M. (National Association of Music Merchants) and the iMSO (Independent Music Store Operators).  Never do business with a music store unless they are a part of these NAMM and the iMSO organizations.  We adhere to standards that others do not.  We are a trusted member of the community and know that you will benefit from the trust we have developed.  With us you will learn how to play correctly and more easily with less frustration in a safe and secure environment.

Our Unique Experience:
Guitars Etc has been serving musicians and future musicians for 30 years and currently has 3 locations in Athens, Gun Barrel and Tyler, TX.  We are experienced in music education, instrument sales and repairs.  With us students gain the ability to play and jam with others.  Anyone can sell you a guitar, when you become a part of our band of musicians by purchasing from us, you learn to play.

Our Unique Education:
We have a staff of experienced and gigging musicians and we teach the Progressive Guitar Method, which allows us to take you from the very beginning of learning guitar to an advanced player.  We also have musicians who are skilled in pedal steel, mandolin, advanced theory, drums and singing.  We take our students and advance them to a better understanding of music and performance.

Our Unique Systems:
To our customers we deliver the right fitting instrument that is fully set up with teachers that teach as opposed to showing off to their students.  All new instruments are set up before being put on the sales floor.  We teach both songs students want to learn as well as the guitar theory and method.  When an instrument is in tune, easier to play and learn on, the student practices more and is set up for success.  Other guitar retailers and internet retailers still do not recognize this and sell poor instruments that are not set up and are not easy to play.  When we teach the songs the student wants to learn to keep them practicing and we also teach the theory so they begin to have the ability to understand how music is made.  

Our Unique Guarantee:
We guarantee all new instruments to be free from default.  When you purchase from Guitars Etc. and want to upgrade we give you the full retail price you paid back for an upgraded instrument.  If you ever experience a problem with, beyond abuse and restringing, you simply bring the instrument back and we repair, adjust or set up it for FREE.  If it is beyond repair we will replace it with a new instrument from the manufacturer.  We only deal with quality dealers that stand behind their products the way we stand behind products.  Our guarantee will make sure that you NEVER get a lemon instrument.

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